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Further Processes

There are many other processes that we offer as print finishers, including; numbering, paging, collating, tab cutting, indexing, round cornering, drilling, shrink-wrapping, padding, slot punching, folding, foil blocking, benchwork and hand binding.

Flat Wire Stabbing

This process can be used when single leaves need to be bound into a bookblock. Staples are punched through the leaves close to the spine, then the book can be cased into a hard cover. This is a simple way of creating a bookblock, although it won’t open as flat as a sewn book.

Drilling and Hand Sewing

An alternative to flat wire stabbing, this process is much slower and therefore a more costly method of creating a bookblock from single leaves. It involves drilling a number of holes through the leaves close to the spine and sewing through these to secure the pages. It is a better binding method than flat wire stabbing as it allows the pages to open flatter.

Book Binding - Service


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From You

‘We are delighted with the finishing/binding of our book, it has been done to a very high, superb and perfect standard.  Thank you so much for taking care of this project for us and giving it your magic touch!  Thank you Paula for handling it all for us, it was a pleasure working with you.’

Hussein Ismail, Premier Paper Group

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