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Further Processes

There are many other processes that we offer as print finishers, including; numbering, paging, collating, tab cutting, indexing, round cornering, drilling, shrink-wrapping, padding, slot punching, folding, foil blocking, benchwork and hand binding.

Flat Wire Stabbing

This process can be used when single leaves need to be bound into a bookblock. Staples are punched through the leaves close to the spine, then the book can be cased into a hard cover. This is a simple way of creating a bookblock, although it won’t open as flat as a sewn book.

Drilling and Hand Sewing

An alternative to flat wire stabbing, this process is much slower and therefore a more costly method of creating a bookblock from single leaves. It involves drilling a number of holes through the leaves close to the spine and sewing through these to secure the pages. It is a better binding method than flat wire stabbing as it allows the pages to open flatter.

Book Binding - Service


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