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January 30th, 2015

Deanprint Customer Survey

We sent the survey out to 125 customers, all of whom have placed a job with us in 2014.  We received 20 responses through ‘Survey Monkey’.  A summary of this survey is detailed below:


As a whole, our customers are pleased with the way we work together. They understand our strengths and feel that we really make an effort to understand their requirements and work together with us to help achieve their goals.  

We’re going to continue to improve everything we do, more details of which you will see below.  As we actively look to grow our business over the coming months, we will be sure to focus on our strengths and take note of the comments made through this survey.


We know we are not the cheapest – we would never claim to be or want to be – and comments like ‘the cost might be slightly more but you get what you pay for, and the advice given initially makes the process painless’ and ‘although we have had proposals from cheaper suppliers, the value of customer service has generally outweighed the suggested savings’ suggest that value is measured more than just by the price.

Customer Service & Communication

All of you said our communication was as good as or better than our competitors, and many commented very positively on our customer service – ‘excellent customer service and flexibility’, ‘…fantastic account manager…’ and ‘excellent service and delivery performance’.  This area of the survey was all extremely positive and pleasing.  There were no negative comments at all.


Customers demand much faster turnaround times than before, and many of them don’t understand the processes and time involved in print finishing.  There were a few comments commenting negatively on our speed but we do hit the dates we give…even though these may not be dates our customers want.  I will contact all of the respondents to explain the complexities of our finishing operation and the timescales involved.


Again, you tell us that on the whole you are delighted with the quality of our work. All of the respondents said that our quality was similar or better than our competitors, and an excellent 61% said that it was better!  The implementation of ISO9001 and the changes in our manufacturing processes have no doubt improved the final product.

How Likely are you to Recommend Deanprint to Others?

A summary of the answer to this questions scored the answers at 9.5 out of 10 which is very pleasing  and says an awful lot about what we are achieving here.

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