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October 27th, 2015

New Aster PRO Sewn Binding Machine

In October we installed a new Aster PRO 52 sewing machine supplied by Kolbus UK replacing two older machines.  As well as being faster, this Sewn Binding Machine is more efficient and has a greater size range.

Sewn Binding Machine

Sewn Binding Machine

Product quality is enhanced with a computer controlled active thread cutting system ensuring no tearing of the signature spine. The 520 mm long saddle will enable us to produce a diverse range of products from multiple-up books to A3 portrait . Operating at up to 200 cycles/minute and with faster make-ready, overall production levels are increased whilst maintaining high product quality.

This purchase fits in with our policy of, wherever possible, replacing old kit with new and better.  Over the last three years we have applied this principle to the purchase of a new casemaker, three-knife trimmer, perfect binder/backliner, digital presses and our semi-automatic sewing machine.  This is the first Aster PRO 52 to be installed in the UK.

Operations Director, Kevin Lee, said, ‘The new Aster will handle our current product range more efficiently and also open up opportunities for new products.  With this sewer we have over 100 pieces of finishing equipment here so can pretty much handle any finishing requirements.’



Machinery News

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‘...that’s awesome! A faster turnaround than you expected which I suspect is not unusual for you.  Thanks to you and your colleagues – all much appreciated.’

Mike Gittins at Unique Books Ltd

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