Rilecart Wiro Binding Machine

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May 30th, 2019

New Rilecart Wiro Binding Machine

Rilecart Wiro Binding Machine

We have continued our ongoing quest  to increased efficiency with the recent installation of a Rilecart Wiro Binding Machine B-535.

We are proud to announce this investment as it enable several advancements  in both the quality and range of services that we offer. Including :

  • This machine cuts, inserts and closes the wire into punched and collated bookblocks
  • Can run at upto 2,000 books per hour
  • Can bind either flush books or those with an over-sized cover
  • Can bind A5 and A4 books, both portrait and landscape


General News

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‘Thank you so much for a great job.  The book looks really good and the client is really pleased with them.’ 

Samantha at Pollards Print

Cheadle Heath Works, Stockport Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK3 0PR

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