How do we make a case bound book?

How do we make a case bound book? (Video Transcript)

We start off with printed sheets which we fold, in this case, into 16 page sections.
The various sections are then collated into a book block. These are then section sewn down the spine joining them all together. The sewing is then strengthened with linen which is called back lining and the three edges trimmed.
This is the case, made from two pieces of grey board and a press span spine and covered in a blue material.
The book block is then cased into this to make the finished case bound book.
Once you have your standard case bound book how do you make it more interesting?
Well there are several ways. Firstly you can foil block in a range of colours on front the spine and even on the back. This can be done in a number of colours, this is done in blue, you can even blind emboss which is where no foil is added to the impression. We can add ribbons, this book has a printed ribbon, as you can see from these samples we can print on different colours in different colours a whole range of messages. End papers, this book has printed end papers, small additional cost but much improved product. This one also has a dust jacket – added value to the book. Both of these books have padded boards; this one front only, this one front and back. Different sizes, a large size, a small size, an unusual size, all make the book a little bit more interesting. We can even add pop ups in. This one has linen down the spine and a pop out on the front. We can even add a padded cover and a metal plaque to the front of it. Many ways you can enhance a case bound book.

How do we make a case bound book?


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