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Singer sewn binding or thread stitched binding is perfect to give a traditional finish to a printed document. One simple line of sewing holds the collated pages together so the finished book is secure, stylish and opens flat. 

More robust, sewn binding on books, is ideal when an extra level of security is required such as a savings book or log book. It also offers a unique finish for a special project.

Our Singer Sewing department is equipped with three industrial machines that can sew up to 10mm of paper either through the folio or down the spine. We have a large choice of thread colours and this can be cut-flush (the thread being trimmed neatly) or left hanging (the thread is left approximately 30mm beyond the book). Singer sewing holds the pages very securely whilst also allowing them to be opened flat. The thread can be an attractive design feature with books sewn with either matching or contrasting colours.

What is Thread Sewn Binding?

Sewn binding is a method of book binding using what looks like a traditional sewing machine. The flat collated pages are sewn down the centre into the cover or case. This is then  folded over to produce the finished book.

Sewn binding has many advantages both practically and stylistically. One of the main practical advantages is that the books open flat all the time. Also the pages are very secure because they have got forty or so stitches down the centre.  

We offer many ways to further embellish the sewn bound books so we can make each project unique and beautiful. You can select to die cut a shape at the top, a door or cut out in the middle, foil block  or embossing on the cover and so on. The stitches can be left visible on the outside cover, or the covering material can lay over the stitches so they are invisible. We offer a choice of thread colours so  you can use the stitching as part of the design. Also you have the choice to leave the threads hanging at either end, or cut flush.

The singer sewing can be a few millimeters in from the left hand edge. This is a nice style feature as it means that the stitching is visible,  also you can attach things to the front of the book. We also offer French fold books, where the folds are on the outside and the singer sewing down the inside.

Gallery: Singer Sewn Binding

Below are pictures showing a few examples of some of the singer sewn books that Deanprint have produced over the years.

Book Binding - Service

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Singer Sewing

What is Singer Sewn Binding? Jon explains more about singer sewn binding including the advantages and some of the many options Deanprint offer for finishing you book to make it unique and special

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