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Perfect binding is generally used for paperback and softcover books such as corporate reports, manuals, catalogues, and magazines. Perfect binding offers a very  professional look with a  square printed spine and the finished books stack well.

Deanprint have an extensive range of equipment for perfect binding to offer different sized print runs and many ways to customise your books to make them more interesting and unique. For extra strength we can also section sew the inner and draw on a cloth cover giving you the option to foil block.

What is Perfect Binding?

Perfect binding involves the pages being folded into sections and then collated and gathered together. The page back edge is then ground off and securely glued into the spine of a printed cover and then trimmed to size. For extra strength the inner pages can be section sewn.

How do we Make a Perfect Bound Book?

Perfect bound books are sometimes known as a soft bound book but how do we make one of these?

Well, as always, it starts with a flat printed sheet which is folded and then collated to create a book block. We then need the cover, which is printed and laminated and oversized. The book block then goes into the perfect binding machine, into the clamp and has the back edge ground off. The cover is creased on entry and the book block is glued into the spine. It goes through the nippers to create the spine properly, we then have and over-sized perfect bound book. The over sized book then goes through the three knife trimmer which takes off the three edges. We then have a finished perfect bound book.

How do we enhance the appearance of one of these books?

Well there are several ways. You can add round corners, you can die cut the front for added interest. For extra strength you can section sew the inners and draw on a cloth cover, this allows you the option to foil block. You can even add an elastic strap. Several ways of enhancing a perfect bound book.

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Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding – Soft Bound Book Binding. See our video explaining how we make a Perfect bound book. Jon takes you through the process and shows some of the equipment that we use.

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