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Frank Lampard Special Edition Book for Chelsea Football Club

This is a  large format, limited edition, commemorative coffee table book. Both the book and the slip case are leather bound and with gold foil block printing.

This is an interesting case bound book and slip case project we did for Chelsea Football Club to commemorate Frank Lampard becoming their record goal scorer with 203 goals. The interesting features of this book are that it is made of leather, with foil blocking which wraps around the edge. There are head and tail bands, a ribbon, and each book is individually numbered as it is a limited edition. This video above takes you through some of the processes involved in producing such a book.

The books are digitally printed on individual sheets in plated sets. They are then drilled and hand sewn which gives it a more secure binding and allows the pages to open more fully. The plain blue end papers are then tipped on. These attach the book block to the case. The sewn end papered book blocks are then back lined with linen. This adds an extra layer of strength to the spine. We now attache the ribbons with glue and the head and tail bands. The case is made in three pieces of 3mm board. This is then covered with the pre foil blocked leather. The end papers are glued and the book is then cased-in. The slip case is made from a piece of grey board which is die cut to shape on our machine. This is then folded and glued together to form the carcass. This again is covered with a pre foil blocked blue leather. The book is inserted into the slip case numbered and then dispatched to the client.

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