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Wiro Binding

Wiro Binding is commonly used for publications where it is desirable to be able to open the publication back on itself without breaking the spine. 

A hard cover can be used for durability, with a huge range of options such as foil block printing or embossing to make every wiro bound book project unique and ideally suited to individual customer’s requirements.

What is Wiro Binding?

Wiro binding is a popular alternative to case binding and comes in a variety of forms. In the standard method the inner pages and cover are multi-punched down one edge to allow a steel wire comb to be inserted and clenched to form the finished book.

The wiro comb comes in a variety of colours, diameters and sizes which allow for many different styles of cover to be used.

We also provide full Canadian and half Canadian wiro bound books, which fully and partially conceal the wire respectively.

Gallery: Wiro Binding

Below are some pictures showing a few examples of some of the many wiro bound books that Deanprint have produced over the years.

Book Binding - Service

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Just taken delivery of the books and they look great. Many thanks for all your help in turning this job around so quickly.

Ian Beniston, RR Donnelley

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