Coffee Table Books - Case Studies

Production of over sized books such as coffee table books and art books requires specialist equipment and expertise to produce. Deanprint boast a diverse range of equipment and highly experience staff ideal for handling the more demanding projects such as printing and binding of such large books with very high quality images.

Bruce Springsteen Book

Bruce Springsteen Book

We were supplied with printed sheets and asked to produce a case bound book to a finished size of 600 x 450mm portrait. The biggest problem we faced was in handling such a huge book.  Most of the operations had to be done manually which meant that there  were far more hand operations involved than…

From You

Just taken delivery of the books and they look great. Many thanks for all your help in turning this job around so quickly.

Ian Beniston, RR Donnelley

Cheadle Heath Works, Stockport Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK3 0PR